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Permagraft Non-surgical Hair Replacement System

Permagraftís unique non-surgical implantation technique allows human hair to be precisely directed to wherever your hair loss may be occurring. Hairline, mid-scalp, crown, or any combination of the three if necessary. Which means that itís never too early to start with Permagraft. Or too late.

Unlike conventional hair systems, Permagraft implants human hair on a vertical bias to match your original hair growth. This allows Permagraft to be implanted right next to, or within, your growing hair without any discernible difference. So even if your hair loss is not substantial, you can immediately take steps to correct it without anyone knowing.

And if your hair loss is more advanced? Well, if Permagraft canít be distinguished from growing hair when itís implanted right within or next to it, you can be assured that Permagraft can be used to re-create entire regions on your scalp such as
the hairline. In fact, Permagraftís implantation methodology replicates hairlines so authentically, the hair can be brushed straight back and still look exactly as if it were your original growing hair.

Does Permagraft seem too good to be true? Then see photos of men just like yourself who felt the same way until they had their hair restored, and their baldness alleviated, by Permagraft. Just call today for a free brochure. Thereís no obligation and your privacy will be respected.

Before Permagraft Non-surgical Hair Replacement
After Permagraft Non-surgical Hair Replacement

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